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Canadian Index of Wellbeing: Federal Context

A Call to Action for the Next Federal Government  

Canadian Index of Wellbeing

Bridging the Gap 2015: A Call to Action for the Next Federal Government


Click here for downloadable PDF file of 'Bridging the Gap: A Call to Action for the Next Federal Government'.



On October 19th, Canadians cast their ballots to determine which political party will guide the direction of our country.

Will we elect a government that has a bold vision for change? 

Will we elect a federal government that will invest in building healthy communities and tackle income inequality?

Or will we opt to accept the status quo and the growing gap between the wealthy and everyone else?

The Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres of Ottawa believe this election offers an important opportunity to change course and build much healthier communities where everyone matters.

Some media coverage:

CHRC Co-chair Luc Ouellette speaks to radio station Unique FM: 94.5