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Orléans, ON (November 13, 2015) – The Orléans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre thanks the community for their involvement in supporting the food bank and the hundreds of people, adults and children, who visit it each month. In very early October, a local newspaper published an article reporting the great challenges the Orléans-Cumberland Food Bank is currently facing: an increase in people using the food bank and a decrease in food donations.
Since the article’s publication, the community of Orleans and surrounding areas showed great generosity and solidarity by donating over 13,000 food items of all kinds as well as cash donations of over $3,000.
On behalf of all the people who use the Orléans-Cumberland Food Bank, we wish to thank everyone who donated (more than 200 people, local businesses and organizations). You have made a difference in someone’s life by donating so generously. Your quick response and involvement, whether as an individual or as a group, were awesome.
These donations will allow us to respond more adequately to the needs of the people we serve at the Orléans-Cumberland Food Bank. Positive actions lead to positive change. By investing in our programs and services, you invest in a healthier community, a community where everyone matters.

CONTACT: Luc Ouellette, Executive Director, 613-830-4357 ext. 207,