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Ottawa Community Wellbeing Report


Spotlight on the role and wellbeing of Ottawa’s community services.

The Social Planning Council was asked to do an independent check-up on Ottawa’s wellbeing. The resulting three-part report measures what truly matters to us all. Is the city growing at the cost of our safety, health and standard of living?

Section 1: Measuring What Matters: The Eight Domains of Wellbeing, Ottawa 2016

Section 1 presents some of the latest statistical measures for an Ottawa-focused Canadian Index of Wellbeing. It describes how well Ottawa residents are really doing. The data shows where we are making progress, where we are falling behind and where we need to make improvements.

Section 2: Improving What Matters: Community Services Building Community Wellbeing

Section 2 explores the critical role of Ottawa’s non-profit community services in protecting and improving community wellbeing.

Section 3: Checkup on the Wellbeing of Ottawa’s Community Service Sector

The final section looks at the wellbeing of the community service sector itself. The findings highlight the significant gap between stagnant investment overall and the ever-increasing demands placed on the community sector. It points to an urgent need for increased resources to address critical vulnerabilities in the community service sector as the sector responds to pressures from population changes, on-going prevention work as well as emerging and urgent needs.

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General questions: Contact your nearest community health and resource centre.

Contact for journalists only: Heather Badenoch, 613-859-8232,