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The Social Determinants of Health

The Coalition continues to promote good health through the lens of the Social Determinants of Health.  

Socio-economic conditions that influence health…

The Coalition works in theory and in practice to promote good health according to the determinants of health formalized in the 1986 Ottawa Charter of the World Health Organization. This globally recognized Charter defined health promotion as ‘the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health’. Through the Coalition’s multidisciplinary teams of health care providers, community workers, health promoters, early childhood specialists, social workers and other allied service partners, we strive to build healthy communities where the prerequisite conditions for health exist- peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable environment, sustainable resources, social justice and equity.

 The Coalition considers the following fourteen social determinants of health in planning, delivering and evaluating all levels of individual care, support, services and community development initiatives.

Social Determinants of Health
Aboriginal Status Housing
Early Childhood Development Income and Income Distribution
Disability Social Exclusion
Food Insecurity Unemployment and Job Security
Gender Health Services
Education Race
Employment and Working Conditions Social Safety Net

Source: (Mikkonen, J., & Raphael, D., 2010). Social Determinant of Health: The Canadian Facts. Toronto: York University School of Health Policy and Management.


Here's a great video from the Wellesley Institute on the Social Determinants of Health!


 Wellesley Institute: Making The Connections: Our City, Our Society, Our Health


Health care transformation in Canada

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) launched a National Dialogue on Health Care Transformation. A report titled "Physicians and Health Equity: Opportunities in Practice" was published by the CMA to address Health equity. Health equity is undermined when social and economic conditions, the social determinants of health, prevent or constrain people from taking actions or making decisions that would promote health.

To read this report please click here.