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Making Votes Count Where We Live

Creating a culture of civic engagement  

Making Votes Count Where We Live


City Budget Process 2015

Why it matters to you and your community
Decisions about the City Budget affect our day to day lives.
Many of us told candidates in the municipal election about issues that matter to us.
- Affordable Housing
- Food Security
- Employment
- Affordable and Safe Transit
Now, it is time to continue these important conversations.
Let your City Councillor know what you think needs to be addressed in the 2015 City Budget.

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Creating a culture of civic engagement

Did you know that thousands of Ottawa residents don’t have access to

…an affordable home
…healthy and nutritious food
…a job that matches his or her skills
…safe and affordable public transportation

If you wish to see this change, then we hope you’ll join the Creating a City for All campaign!

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Executive Summary of Consultation Report

Voter turnout has been on the decline since the late 1970s. The impact of this trend is especially felt among low-income residents who are less likely to vote than higher income voters. Elected officials are more likely to make decisions in the interest of the people who elect them. This, in turn, contributes to a vicious cycle of disconnectedness and democratic deficit where people experiencing poverty may not see their concerns addressed, and become even less likely to vote.

To turn this trend around in Ottawa, the Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres (CHRC) and City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) have joined together in a three year project to increase voter turnout in low-income neighbourhoods and among people living in poverty, in both urban and rural areas of the city. Making Votes Count Where We Live, funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Catherine Donnelly Foundation, seeks to engage residents, community partners and governments in putting into place strategies to increase voter turnout and long-term civic engagement.

Please click here to read the full report- 'Making Votes Count Where We Live'