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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions?... We have tried to answer some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below.  


The CHRC is made up of 13 centres, set up to provide various Community-based services with special emphasis on assisting the most vulnerable and at risk in the society. The Coalition is made up of 6 Community Health Centres, 6 Community Resource Centres, and a Community Service Centre. These Centres are located in neighbourhoods throughout Ottawa, from the inner city out to the suburbs and beyond to rural areas.

All of the 13 Centres provide ‘one-stop’ access to social and community services, health promotion and community development programs. The community health centres also offer primary health care, chronic disease management, nutrition and other related health care programs. Some community resource centres are linked with health care providers such as a family health team and diabetes community education program.

Centres recognize the importance of responding to the diversity of needs and interests within local communities and pay particular attention to those members of the community who are most vulnerable and at risk. Some programs and services are also open to the general public. To find out more contact your local CHRC. Please click here to find a CHRC.

The CHRCs provide specific services tailored to meet the needs of the Ottawa community. You could search from the list of services on this website to identify which will be most appropriate and beneficial for you.

There are several CHRCs available within the Ottawa Region. You could search from a list of Centres. Please contact any of the centres and the staff will be happy to assist you further.

There are a total of 11 CHCs in the Champlain region. If you live in the Champlain region you can find a listing of CHCs here. If you live elsewhere in Ontario, please contact the AOHC.

Most individual CHRCs have a ‘Donate Button’ on their own websites. Please visit the centre’s site and click on this link. Or you can go to and search for the centre you wish to give to.

Please fill out the Contact form and we will do our best to connect you with the nearest centre in your area or address any issues.