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Rural Ottawa

The majority of the rural territory of the City of Ottawa is served by four of the CRCs  

Community Development work in rural Ottawa


The rural reality in Ottawa is quite unique. It is one of the biggest rural areas of any municipality in Canada and yet is difficult to compare to other rural settings that are not located close to a major City with all the services a city provides. The four CRCs who serve the majority of the rural territory are: Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, Orléans-Cumberland CRC, Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode CRC, and Western Ottawa CRC

  • The total Ottawa rural catchment population served by the 4 CRCs based on 2011 Census is 85,400. This represents 9.67% of the total Ottawa population.
  • The  City of Ottawa is more than 2800 km2 in size, most of which lies in the rural area. Approximately 1000 km2 is forested, covered by wetland, or otherwise natural. Another 1000 km2 consists of agricultural lands (City of Ottawa 2011).
  • The 4 CRCs providing services to the rural Ottawa population have a total of 7 FTEs Community Developers to support their community. Because of the need and services required to support our urban and suburban communities only 1.1 FTEs are specifically dedicated to the rural community.

To find out more about community development in rural Ottawa please read the report:


A rural community development strategy for Ottawa's Community Resource Centres